Philips HD7450 0.6-Litre Coffee Maker Review

In case you are worried to choose a right coffee maker from the market, read this article to know why you have to choose Philips HD7450 drip coffee maker.

For coffee lovers, including you, making a good coffee to start a day is indeed paramount importance. There is no other perfect way for you and your family to start a day but to have a wonderful cup of aromatic, hot tasty cup of coffee which is freshly brewed. Years ago making a cup of coffee use to be a tiring work in the traditional method. But it’s not any more. There is wide range of coffee makers available in the online marketplace like amazon or ebay. Do some research and also read this review before you choose a right one for you. The swiftness of preparation, hassle free handling, affordability, after sales services, look and design, number of cups and the strength of the coffee all that matters when you want to buy a coffee maker.


Indispensable kitchen appliance

A coffee maker has made life so straightforward and painless; needless to say that it has occupied an indispensable place as a kitchen appliance. Choosing a coffee maker that fits your expectation like quantity, flavors and variety will interest you.

Choose the right brand

Picking the right brand and the one that has real good review and feedback makes half the work well began. Philips is the perfect brand that comes to one’s mind immediately when you think of home appliances.

Reasons for you to choose Philips HD7450 0.6-Litre Black coffee maker

    • The whole set is just available in two units, easy to handle. The filter by itself is detachable and easy to wash and dry. Its maintenance free.
    • Philips has taken the in to consideration the busy hectic life the user dwell, hence designed the parts dishwasher friendly.
    • The water filter itself is made translucent for one to actually know the level of water that’s been filled. It has an indicator that shows the level of water available in the tank at any point of time.
    • The most imperative feature of special mention is that it has a drip stop facility. At any point in time one can remove the filter and drain the coffee in case of urgency and it automatically recognizes and stops the drip until the filter is placed back to its original place.
    • Options to choose the flavor of the coffee are available. One can change the strength of the coffee to high medium or low.
    • The detachable filter not only allows in easy access, but allows for a quick and handy storage also.

Philips HD7450 is a Pride in your kitchen:

Philips HD7450 0.6-Litre Black coffee maker is compact in design and can fit in any corner of your kitchen storage. The design is stylish and ultra-modern. Its black and silver finish makes it look gorgeous. It is consciously designed keeping the limited space available in the kitchen. It has a cord storage duct that stores the redundant cord and leaves your kitchen an elegant look. The illuminated power switch makes it more attractive and trendy.

Functions and components available:

It is 650 watts machine and highly efficient. The operating watt ranges from 220 to 240 watts approximately. Components of the coffee maker include polypropylene / Glass flask, permanent filter, coffee maker and user manual. It generally takes 10 minutes to brew 6 cups of coffee with perfect taste and aroma. The metal heating plate which is available at the bottom of the jug keeps your coffee warm.

Budget and warranty:

Philips HD7450 0.6-Litre Black coffee maker is well within your budget and it is worth the money you pay for. It has a two year warranty and within this time of your ownership the parts will be replaced in case of wearing out which does not happen generally.


So having known the highlights and features of Philips HD7450 0.6-Litre Black coffee maker what are you waiting for. It has an incredible value for the money that you spend for. It will suit both the traditional and the contemporary kitchen and will compliment your lifestyle. The price is affordable, the features and specifications are awesome. Philips HD7450 0.6-Litre Black coffee maker is an ideal choice for coffee lovers and a mandatory part of your kitchen. It blocks minimal space in your kitchen, but beautifies with its sleek and lustrous look. So what are you still waiting for? Order now..

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