What method makes the best coffee?

How To Make Coffee!


Learn How to make the perfect cup of black coffee at home in a coffee maker with this (STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE)

How To Make Coffee For Beginners.

Nothing is better than waking up to that smell of freshly brewed coffee waiting for us to just jump out of bed!

It’s one of the few joys morning & non-morning people share in the morning!

So how do we make coffee either in the morning or the night before so it’s brewing when we wake up?

There are obvious benefits of doing it both ways so I will let you decide which is best for your schedule.

Making Coffee In The Morning.

Making coffee to me is an art form, in my opinion at the very least it should be made in the morning when you wake up, but I’ll let you decide.

While the process is not much different than making it the previous day it does still require a little more work bright and early!

But it’s so worth it!

We Need A Coffee Maker.

While it doesn’t have to be a programmable one as we are going to make it on the spot I still recommend having one with a carafe.

When you are making the coffee on the spot, we are not as worried about it being airtight, as we are, the temperature and ability to produce a good brew.

Filters Are Important!

Filters are important if you’re using a coffee machine!

They do make different kinds and each does something specific, but for now, we will just look at bleached and unbleached coffee filters.

Bleached Coffee Filters: These are bleached with a chemical called dioxin that’s how they get them white. Nature paper is not that color.

While there is no research that I could find about this ever getting into your coffee there is always that possibility.

Unbleached Coffee Filters: These are natural paper and do not have any of this dioxin in them! They still work great but are slightly more expensive.

Which should you use?

Both work great! You can even use a washable one but this is about how to make coffee so not going to get into all those various types.


Feel free to take a look at this post with a much deeper look at coffee filters.

Now For The BEST part! Coffee!

Really since we are just focusing on the basics of making coffee, I won’t go into which coffee beans are the best in this guide.

You can check that out here

Some reputable pre-ground brands:


Some great coffee beans (will need to be ground)

Kona Beans Coffee
Blue Mountain Coffee
Bean Box Light Roast


How Much Coffee Do I Use To Make Some Awesome Hipster Type Coffee?

While most people who enjoy “hipster” coffee probably do not use a standard coffee machine.

We can still determine how much coffee is needed for a great cup of joe!

It does vary per coffee maker and per coffee brands.

But here is a quick general overview of the standards most coffee brewers use.


10 Grams of coffee 6 fluid ounces
(Roughly 2 tablespoons 6 fluid ounces)
*1 cup of water = 8 fluid ounces

Now For The Easy Part! Let’s Add Water!

Fill up your carafe or glass coffee pot and pour it into the back of the coffee maker.

Most coffee makers have the water holding tank in the back.

Your Art Is Complete!

We only have now to press the “brew” button!

Then enjoy yourself one amazing cup of coffee!

How To Get Your Coffee Ready The Night Before.


First, you will need a coffee maker that can handle a programmable timer on it, so that its brewing first thing in the morning.

Each comes with its own benefits but I personally like a coffee maker that has a nice carafe and airtight seal.

This allows the coffee to stay hotter longer.

They pour rather nicely as well!

Now Comes The Filter.

If you are a beginner at making coffee, then you might not realize that you do in fact need some form of filter to get rid of the coffee grounds.

[Side-note: There is no better way to ruin coffee than have those grounds in the bottom.]

Some coffee makers have a reusable filter that goes in them, but the vast majority need you to purchase a separate disposable coffee filter.

There is a large debate on which one is better but as a beginner, I would stick with the paper.

They are easier to clean up in my opinion and are generally better for you health wise as well.

Looking for the debate on which coffee filter is better for your health & does it change the taste of your coffee? Check out the full debate here

Then Comes The Coffee

Once you have the coffee maker and filter, you will need some coffee to stick in this coffee maker.

[Side-note: Putting coffee in the machine the night before does sacrifice flavor.]

Store bought coffee like Folgers, Maxwell House, or Nescafe work fine and are already ground to work with most types of coffee makers you would buy.

In the grand scheme of things pre-ground store-bought coffee sacrifices some of the flavors but is faster than hand grinding your coffee each morning!

So How Much Coffee Do We Add?

This varies per coffee maker and per coffee brands. But here is a quick general overview of the standards most coffee brewers use.

10 Grams of coffee 6 fluid ounces
(Roughly 2 tablespoons 6 fluid ounces)
*1 cup of water = 8 fluid ounces


Once the coffee has been measured out to perfection and placed into the coffee maker you are ready to add the water.


Adding The Water To The Coffee Maker

It is not rocket science thank goodness! Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to get my coffee fix each morning

Depending on how much of the coffee grounds you stuck in the filter, fill your carafe or pot to that amount of water.

Most coffee makers have the water holding tank in the back or the side. Your’s might even have some grates over the location the water is to be poured into.

The Final Step

Now that you have the coffee maker, filter, and water in your machine. We need to program it so it goes off first thing in the morning.

Every model is different but generally, there is a “program” button.

From there you will pick the start time of when you want your coffee to start brewing.

You are now all set and ready for tomorrow! Enjoy that smell of coffee when you awake!

Which Is The Best Method For Brewing Coffee With A Coffee Machine?

Personally, I think brewing coffee the morning of allows it the have the most flavor. While this does mean you have to get up a few minutes early it is well worth it.

After all I have to drink decaf coffee because it has less caffeine so for me I want to make sure my habit is spot on with flavor and aroma.

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