Best Reusable K Cups for the Keurig

Reusable K Cup

If Keurig K cups don’t offer your favorite coffee, or you prefer to grind your own, there is a fantastic option for you. The reusable K cup is an individual filter that you can reuse, simply put your coffee grinds in the cup and brew. Once done you just throw away the grinds and rinse the reusable cup and it is ready for its next use. This gives you the ability to make stronger or weaker coffee to your taste.

Environmentally they make a lot of sense as well, no more plastic K cup waste. This may be one of the most beneficial and crucial Keurig accessories. It makes a perfect gift for the Keurig owner in your family, keeping clean up to a minimum but offering the convenience of their favorite cup of coffee in a single serve coffee machine without being limited by the K cups offered by Keurig. What’s more is these Reusable K Cups range in price from five dollars to fifteen dollars, making them affordable and extremely useful for Keurig owners.

Reusable K Cup Review

Keurig offers a reusable K cup called the My K Cup. Giving consumers the freedom to use their own coffee by placing their desired amount in this stainless steel strainer that fits perfectly in the Keurig coffee machine. This really got the attention of coffee drinkers who were hesitant to make the switch to a single serve coffee maker, allowing them to use their own coffee and only brew as they needed it. One of the best Keurig accessories to buy for the single serve coffee enthusiast in your life.

Many drip coffee machine coffee drinkers converted to the Keurig because of My K-Cup, and most were quite pleased. The reviews suggest the quality could be better, but most people were pleased with the reusable coffee filter, easy to clean and did the job perfectly.

One suggestion that most people have who have used the Keurig My K Cup is to get a small rounded spoon to scoop the coffee grinds from their container into the reusable K cup in order to prevent a mess. It also gives you a good measure of how many scoops to use for your desired strength of coffee.

Reusable T Disc Review

Tassimo’s answer to the Keurig My K Cup is the Tassimo T Disc, offering a refillable T disc to which you can add your desired coffee grinds. The Reusable T disc is not quite as popular as the Keurig My K Cup, less convenient to use, more of a mess and lacking quality.

The fact remains that these single serve coffee makers provide a fantastic option for coffee enthusiasts that want to use their own blend rather than those offered by Keurig or Tassimo. Making a single cup coffee machine a must have for every household, perfect for that late night cup of joe or to offer a wide variety of tastes when entertaining company.

Are reusable K cups worth it?

The reusable Keurig K Cup was introduced years ago, and since there have been many similar products released by other companies. So where is your money best spent when looking for the best reusable K cup?
Brew and save offer a refillable K cup, using BPA free plastic and wire mesh, often sold in two packs so you will always have a fresh one on hand. You can find these brew and save K cups for around 12 dollars, they are heavy duty with reinforced hinges so they will stand up to even the clumsiest coffee conisure. Will fit in most Keurig Models.

Ekobrew refillable K cups are probably the most robust option, with a full stainless steel design. The micro screen design offers a clean, full extraction every time to ensure you enjoy the best cup of coffee when using this K cup brewer. The Ekobrew version of the My K-Cup is a bit more expensive than the alternatives, coming in at 20 dollars. Will fit in most Keurig Models.

Solofill is the other leading reusable K cup provider. A plastic design like the Brew and Save filter, it also has a steel micro mesh filter for optimal extraction, easy cleaning and a sediment free cup of coffee every time thanks to this refillable K cup. Will fit in most Keurig Models.

While some people may look for a sturdy design and others the ease of use or cost, it is hard to name one of these the very best. My K Cup still comes in as one of the leading reusable K cups on the market, but the Ekobrew is probably the best on the market today. So don’t limit yourself to the Keurig K Cups available near you, explore your favorite blends with your refillable K cup today.

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