Keurig K55 Coffee Maker Review

The Keurig K55 coffee makers are a best seller in the K Classics line of single cup brewers. If you want a cup of coffee in less than one minute then you should read the rest of this review!

They have all the basic features and include some extras like a programmable auto shut off. The Keurig K55 brewing system also has a water reservoir so you do not have to add water every time you want a hot beverage.

The Keurig K55 coffee makers are for more than just coffee too. You can easily make hot cocoa, cappuccino, tea, and even soups. There are numerous k cup flavors to choose from.

It has three cup sizes and can accommodate a travel mug if you remove the drip tray. The drip tray conveniently holds up to 8 ounces is spills and over flows. Just remove it and take it to your sink to be rinsed out and wiped clean.

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Keurig K55 Coffee Makers Features

Keurig K55 coffee makers are not just for coffee. You can brew a variety of hot drinks such as tea, hot chocolate, specialty brews, cappuccino, k cup soups, and hot water.

Once the water is heated and ready to go you can have a cup of coffee in less than one minute. With the 48 ounce removable water reservoir you do not have to add water for every cup you brew.

The programmable automatic off feature allows you keep your water ready for a hot beverage for 2 hours. The indicator lights keep you informed of everything happening from turning it on to enjoying your fresh cup of coffee. The removable drip tray collects any spills and over fills and allows extra space for travel mugs. It is compatible with all k cups and the k cup universal reusable filter.

  • Brews coffee, tea, hot cocoa, specialty, and iced beverages
  • Brews 6 oz., 8 oz., and 10 oz. sizes
  • Always ready and brews in under a minute
  • Removable 48 oz. Water Reservoir
  • Programmable Auto Off feature
  • Indicator lights
  • Removable Drip Tray
  • Compatible with My K-Cup®Universal Reusable Coffee Filter
  • 12 month warranty provided by Keurig

Keurig K55 Brewer Reviews

It initially takes about 4 minutes for the machine to heat the water to 193 degrees. Once the water is heated the brewing time on the Keurig K55 coffee makers depends on the size of the mug you choose. All mug sizes will be brewed in less than one minute. As long as the machine remains on it will only take 15 seconds to heat the water for additional cups.

Cup Sizes and K Cups

There are 3 cup sizes on the Keurig K55 coffee makers. You can choose from 6 oz, 8 oz, or 10 oz. If you like a stronger brew then you will want to use a smaller cup size. A lighter flavor then a larger cup size. You can use a travel mug up to approx 7 inches tall by removing the drip tray.

The K55 will accept all k cups from all manufacturers not just Keurig. This will give you a lot of flavor choices. You can also purchase a k cup universal reusable coffee filter and fill it with your favorite coffee, cappuccino, hot cocoa, and tea flavors and save money on disposable k cups.

You can also use the Campbell’s and Progresso k cup soups in this model.

The k mug and k carafe are NOT compatible with the k55 coffee makers, ONLY the k cups will work.

48 Ounce Water Reservoir

The reservoir holds up to 48 ounces and is removable. Simply remove it take it to your sink and fill it up. Then place it back into the machine. It is a decent size for those looking to brew small amounts of coffee at a time. It will brew 4 10 ounce cups before you have to refill it.

K55 Programmable Auto Off Feature

This is a nice feature that will automatically shut off your K55 coffee maker in 2 hours. It keeps the water heated and ready to go so you do not have to wait for the water to heat again after brewing your first cup of coffee.

This is NOT a timer. You can not set it to make you a cup of coffee at a set time. You will have to manually do this. It is only to shut the machine off.

Indicator Lights and Controls

The Keurig K55 coffee maker has indicator lights and controls to help guide you along your way. Indicator lights include – descaling, add water, heating water, and auto off. Buttons include the 3 mug sizes, power, and auto off.

When you press the power button the power indicator light will turn on. While it is heating your water the heating indicator light will illuminate. Once you insert your k cup the three mug size buttons will light up for you to make your mug size choice. This button will remain lit up until it is finished brewing you cup of coffee.

Cord and Wattage

The cord is short at approx a 2 foot long. It runs on 1500 watts. It has a 3 prong cord so you will need an outlet that will accommodate a 3 pronged plug and 110 volts. You can attach it to an extension cord so long as it is has a 3 prong ground.

Keurig K55 Coffee Maker Demo – Unboxing Review




Cleaning Keurig K55 Coffee Makers

The K55 is equipped with needles that puncture the k cups for brewing. These needles need to be cleaned by simply running straight hot water through it after you brew sweet beverages such as hot chocolate and cappuccino.

You will occasionally need to remove the k cup holder and rinse out the pieces and then put them back into the machine.

Cleaning the outside of the Keurig K55 coffee is pretty simple. All you really need to do is wipe down the outside and take the water reservoir off and clean it out with water and wipe it down.

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance for a Keurig single cup coffee maker includes the water filter and descaling. Both are purchased separately.

The water filter filters out impurities that may harm your keurig machine. If you already use bottled or filtered water you do not really have to have one, that is totally up to you.

Descaling is similar to cleaning out a regular coffee maker. It is a liquid solution that you run through your Keurig machine that cleans and descales it. You should do this every 3 to 6 months or when the descale indicator light comes on.

A Keurig associate has stated that you can use plain white vinegar in place of the descaling solution.

Keurig K55 Coffee Maker Dimensions:

The Keurig K55 coffee makers are 13.3” High x 10.1” Wide x 13.2” Deep. Weighs about 10.6 lbs. It will fit on the countertop under most top cabinets. Some say that they have to pull the coffee maker out to lift up the top and place in a k cup. This will depend on the space between your counter top and top cabinets. It is about 17.6″ when it is open.


The Keurig K55 coffee makers come in 4 colors to match all kitchen decors.

  • Black
  • White
  • Rhubarb
  • Patriot Blue

Reviews on Keurig K55

Keurig K55 coffee makers do not have the best ratings but are at this time the number one selling Keurig at Amazon. It has a rating of 3.9 stars out of over 6000 reviews with over 60 percent of them being a full 5 stars. Most people are happy with their purchase. Most reviewers love the great taste of the coffee and the numerous coffee choices that they have. Others are impressed with how fast they get a fresh cup of coffee.

The biggest complaints are the machines not working. However the ones that have contacted Keurig have had satisfactory results saying that customer service was very helpful and that when needed a replacement was sent out promptly.

Others state that the coffee pods or k cups are costly and they were not expecting the additional cost. This is a single cup coffee maker that takes k cups or a universal filter so you too will have this expense.

Keurig K55 Coffee Makers Pros and Cons

One of the markets leading manufacturers of single cup coffee makers is Keurig. For the past several years they have provided families with consistent and great performance which makes them the leading performer in single cup brewers. At this time they have several different models and a variety of colors to choose from. Their best selling model on Amazon is the Keurig K55 coffee makers which receives mostly good reviews on a variety of websites.


  • Makes a fresh cup of coffee in less than one minute
  • Auto off feature to set your coffee maker to shut off in two hours
  • 48 ounce water reservoir so you don’t have to add water every time you want to make a cup of coffee
  • Indicator lights and illuminated buttons to guide you through the brewing process


  • The added expense of k cups or a universal k cup filter
  • Descaling every 3 to 6 months
  • No programmable clock


Whats In The Box?

  • Keurig K55 K-Cup Single Serve Coffee Maker
  • 4 K-Cup pods
  • Water filter handle
  • 2 water filters


The price of the Keurig K55 coffee makers depends on the color you choose. There are 4 colors to choose from each having their own individual cost.

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