Hamilton Beach 49983 2 way Coffee Maker Worth It? Review

For a coffee lover, making a perfect cup of coffee is a passion. Brewing a great and the just right cup of coffee depends on many things. It includes the quality and richness of the coffee bean, taste of the water, equipment that one use to roast it perfectly and grind it in correct approach and finally making a wonderful refreshing cup of coffee.


These days roasting the bean and grinding it and making coffee is all made by a sleek machine that plays an important role in your kitchen. Yes it is the drip coffee maker. The strength of the coffee, which is your favorite one may be directly connected to the way it is ground and the amount of water used. The coarser it is ground the more water it needs.

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  • A best coffee maker strikes the balance between the manner the coffee bean is ground and the water soaking to get the right kind of the coffee programmed.


  • A best coffee maker strikes the balance between the manner the coffee bean is ground and the water soaking to get the right kind of the coffee programmed.


Hamilton Beach 49983 2-Way FlexBrew Coffee Maker

A best coffee maker strikes the balance between the manner the coffee bean is ground and the water soaking to get the right kind of the coffee programmed. Hamilton’s 2-Way FlexBrew Coffeemaker has all the important features imbibed in it to get a great cup of coffee quickly, easily and every time you need it.

Let us have a look at some of the interesting features of this coffee maker.

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Timer that can be programmed

For the new age consumers, who are hard pressed with time, a coffee maker coming with a programmable timer is a boon. And when this feature is combined with easy user friendly one touch selection, without much of complexity then it is an added advantage. Early in the morning when you wake up, you have your hot coffee readily waiting for you with a one touch away, is definitely a blessing in disguise. The system has a shut off automatically in two hours time, so one need not bother after reaching work, wondering you turned off the coffee maker or not.

Sleek design

The coffee maker has such a sleek design that it is thought-out to fill only less space in your kitchen. You can easily store it in your kitchen cupboards after you are done. It occupies only minimal space. Hamilton’s Flex Brew Coffeemaker is preferred by most of the customers for its design and compact shape.

The coffee filter is cup shaped, so that ground coffee can be added, and water passes through it evenly to get the desired coffee strength.

2 way Coffee making machine

Another important and unique feature of 49983 2 way Coffee machine  is that you can make your single cup of coffee quickly. It gives the opportunity to select either the whole carafe or a single cup of coffee based on you need at that time. After a long day in work, you do not have to wait for the coffee maker to brew the entire pot of coffee. One can easily switch between both the modes. It is absolutely trouble free to choose if you need a single serve or brew the entire coffee. The versatility of this coffee maker which has the capability to make a single cup or a full pot coffee is the highlight feature of Hamilton Beach 49983 .

Effortless way to make coffee

The coffee maker is easy to operate. All the programming can be customized with a push of a button which is present on the top of the coffee maker. Making a good coffee is just a few steps away. You need not worry on filling the water with the correct measurements depending on the strength of coffee. It is all taken care by itself. All that you need to do is to choose the strength of coffee as per your taste.

Also to add it has a built in feature that would support both ground coffee or coffee pods, with which one can make K cup coffee.

Easy maintenance

There are many coffee makers which are easy to use but very hard to maintain. They drip very badly that you need to clean it every now and then. But 49983A 2-Way FlexBrew is not only easy to use, but it is absolutely easy to maintain as well.

Points to ponder

Making a mug of coffee is not something very tricky. But making a remarkable cup of coffee, needs a little more effort and awareness. When you learn to manage your coffee maker and select your preferences, you completely don’t have to worry about making a good coffee every time.

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