9 Things To look Before Buying a coffee maker- Buying Guide

what coffee maker should i buy?
A true coffee lover thinks twice before settling for a brewer for their home, office or campsite. This article’s main function is to save you time by keeping you informed on what you need to look out for when buying a new coffee maker. Most coffee machines you will find in the market use the drip operation. This is also probably the coffee maker you’re looking for. They have a large capacity, around 10 cups. They will tend to produce smaller amounts. The water is heated in the bottom of the device until the coffee beans are sprayed on. The beans are then placed in a basket shaped container and the water passes through keeping the beans separate. When the heated water runs over the beans it makes coffee. When you’re choosing a coffee maker it is best to focus on the standard features and the capabilities. It should be able to produce coffee that suits your palate. Of course, some coffee makers come with extra features which is always a nice thing. It is important to check the warranty details. You will also need to put in a little research about the standards of customer service.what coffee maker should i buy

Design – If you drink just one cup of coffee now and then, a 10-12 cup maker is unnecessary. Unless there are several people living with you. Always check if it includes a brew pause function because then you can grab a cup while it still brewing. Check if there is a water filter as it makes tastier coffee and reduces scale build up. Permanent and paper filters have their benefits and short comings as well. You could save money on permanent filters because you don’t have to keep buying paper. This is also good for the environment. Permanent filters tend to hold back some of the coffee oils so you will need to clear them constantly. This destroys the taste of the coffee.

Safety – After picking out what basic features you require, you will need to check how convenient the features are and how safe the machine is to use. Always check if there is an automatic shut-off function. It protects your house if you ever forget to turn the machine off. Some coffee makers will alert you when the coffee is made. Some coffee machines let you check how much water the device contains. Some machines even include a special program with a clock so you can make preparations the night before and awake to a fresh cup of coffee.

Carefe – You need to select the right type of carafe. It mostly depends of your personal taste. Most people love the glass type of carafe. These are kept warm using a heater plate. Another common carafe that people prefer are insulated thermal carafes. These keep the coffee warm.

Warranty and customer service – Every vendor has to be able to provide telephone support and genuine reviews and loyal email support. The warranty period of each vendor differs mostly ranges from 1-3 years. So you will need to make sure you choose a warranty period best suited for you.

Whether you are a coffee connoisseur or someone who just needs plenty of hot java and needs it fast, there is an automatic drip coffee maker on the market for you. Check out the different varieties in our reviews and you can end up with the best drip coffee machine you have ever owned.

Cup size– It is important to check that you choose a mug with an appropriate size. Most machines state their specifications and the maximum cup size that it will support. Most coffee machines are able to produce at least 12 cups of coffee within five minutes

Machine size – Make sure to check the products dimension if you buy 1 based on an opinion from just looking at a picture you might find that the size is totally different from what you expected. If you’ve suddenly acquired a lot of space and wish to buy something really fancy then you can invest on a large sized machine.

Appearance – The appearance is just as important as the size. Find something that suits your internal décor. You have a wide range of varieties available under each brand that it makes no sense to buy something that doesn’t fit in with the rest of your décor.

Strength function – Some brewers have a feature that will allow you to choose the strength from normal to bold. This is very useful based on the type of coffee beans you have. If you want your coffee to be really strong then you can boost up the strength to a bold setting. Everyone has different tastes and you want to make sure that you find a machine that is capable of brewing to your preference.

Durability– The best way to check the durability of the product is to check reviews by other customers. As long as you make sure you’ve done all of the above you will be able to satisfy your crave for great coffee.

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