Best Keurig K Cups Reviewed

Best Variety of Keurig K Cups

The K Cup is a specially designed container that holds coffee grinds in an airtight dish with its own filter. This makes the coffee brewing procedure pretty painless and dead simple. Just use your Keurig K cups in your single serve coffee maker and press a button, voila! Coffee.
Understanding what exactly a K cup is is only the start, from there you can choose from dozens of varieties of coffee’s, tea’s and specialty beverages including the popular iced coffee K cups. Or if you have a favorite blend that they don’t offer you can simple use a reusable K cup filter and fill it yourself.

The Best Keurig Coffee Cups

Here are a few of the best Keurig K Cups, organized by variety. While everyone’s tastes are different, you can feel relatively safe buying these Keurig K cups.

Dark Roast Options

Barista Prima Italian Roast – A full richness and body, this velvety brew is for the coffee drinker who really enjoys a deep dark roast. Going from a deep chocolatey flavor into almost a charcoal, it is quite popular among people who enjoy a dark, rich, strong coffee blend.

Green Mountain Lake and Lodge – This is a great rich coffee blend. A dark roast that is a mixture of Indonesian and East African coffee beans. It is a great match for those who enjoy a touch of milk and sugar. However it does not have the same robust body as the Barista Prima Italian Roast.

The Original Donut-Shop Coffee – This K cup is labeled as a “extra bold medium roast”. With a medium body it is not quite as rich as the other coffee’s in this category. A roasted flavor with chocolate undertones. This is a great dark roast option that will appease the masses, certainly worth trying out.

Medium & Light Roast Coffee

Green Mountain Breakfast Blend – A blend of Indonesian and Central American coffee beans, it is a slightly more acidic coffee than the darker blends. A good option for a simple cup of coffee without too much body. Some find that it is a bit stale or uninteresting, however that is exactly what put it on the top of the list for medium and light roast coffees, a traditional diner style cup of coffee that is exactly what a lot of people are looking for.

Wolfgang Puck Breakfast in Bed – This is a very lightly roasted coffee blend that will appeal to those who don’t like their coffee to be roasted to death. A smooth texture and almost muddy flavor give it a unique taste that pairs well with a touch of sugar. A great smooth coffee blend for a Saturday morning. Perhaps the perfect K cup to have in your Keurig coffee maker with the timer set to go off as you arise.

Green Mountain Coffee Vermont Country Blend – A blend that includes both lighter and darker beans that balance each other and result in a great tasting brew. Best described as a bright acidity that may be a bit much for some, it also has a chocolaty flavor that melds into a bit of a charred flavor.

Mocha and Vanilla Flavored K Cups

Green Mountain Coffee Mocha Nut Fudge – This is among the best of all the mocha flavored K cups available. The flavors work well together, giving it a great nutty aroma with a deep chocolaty flavor. A slightly bitter coffee shines through the almost artificial flavors of the nut and chocolate, paired with a touch of milk and sugar the flavor really comes to life. A great alternative to a cup of hot chocolate in the winter, giving you the robust flavor of coffee with the nostalgic flavor of chocolate.

Green Mountain Coffee French Vanilla – The aroma of this french vanilla coffee is quite potent, filling the room with the sweet smell of vanilla like a scented candle. Despite this almost overwhelming smell it has a toned down flavor that makes it quite palatable, a less aggressive flavor than you would expect from the aroma. A slightly bitter or even sour note can be picked up, remedied quickly with a drop or two of milk.

Baked Goods Flavored K Cups

Gloria Jean’s Butter Toffee – Much like the french vanilla blend from Green Mountain, this coffee has a potent aroma with a toned down flavor. Which is good because from the aroma alone it seems like an overwhelmingly sweet blend, but when you take your first sip that reservation is quelled instantly. The rich smooth body of the coffee flavor is balanced well with the sweet buttery flavor. A harmonious balance of flavor that is much better than first expected.

Green Mountain Coffee Pumpkin Spice – With an emphasis on spice, this coffee is intricately blended and it shows. A slightly bitter but rich coffee flavor is transformed by the spicy addition of cinnamon and the pumpkin acts like a middleman for the two robust flavors. Transitioning the rich coffee flavor into the spicy cinnamon tones effortlessly. A great fall blend, certainly making its way into our K Cup Carousel for the seasonal coffee blends.

Green Mountain Gingerbread – For those of you who are suckers for the Starbucks gingerbread latte that comes around every year, this is a great K cup to add into your rotation. On its own the flavor is a bit lacking, an awkward gingerbread flavor on top of a bitter coffee flavor, but add both milk and sugar and it really comes to life. This is a great holiday treat, however it is a limited edition K cup so stock up for the holidays and make sure you don’t run out.

Iced Coffee K Cup Blends

Green Mountain Nantucket Blend Iced Coffee – This is a good iced coffee blend, it is not exceptionally bold nor is it too weak. A typical iced coffee flavor that will appease almost any palate. If you enjoy the Nantucket blend then you will most certainly enjoy this iced coffee version. Brew it according to the package instructions and you will ensure a properly mixed cup that is not overly diluted.

Sweet and Creamy Regular Iced Coffee – A great option for those who enjoy a light and sweet cup of coffee. It is not robust and bold like others on the list, but it is sweet and smooth. Combined with some cream and sugar it makes a great summer drink that will appeal to almost anyone. Think of the iced coffee’s offered by major chains, that’s what we have here. It may not be bold enough for the most discerning coffee drinkers, but it is after all an iced coffee.

Green Mountain French Vanilla Iced Coffee – If you enjoy the hot version of this french vanilla blend, you will probably enjoy having an iced variety. While the vanilla flavor may seem a bit perfumy for some, the coffee flavor holds up well when iced. Mix in a bit of milk and sugar and it is hard not to love this blend. Even people who don’t like coffee will enjoy this K cup.

Keurig Iced Coffee Accessories

Make sure to check out the Keurig Iced Coffee K Cups and the accessories that go with them to enjoy the best iced coffee from a single serve coffee maker. Once you try out a few varieties you will probably be hooked and be brewing up a cup of iced coffee regularly, especially on those scorcher days. While some of the Keurig accessories may seem frivolous, for the amount they will get used they are a bargain and make great gifts for the Keurig owner in your life.


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