Best Keurig Accessories

The Best Keurig Accessories In One Place

Once you get yourself the best single serve coffee maker on the planet, it is likely you will want a few gizmo’s and gadgets to make it even better. Well thankfully Keurig offers a fantastic selection of top accessories to choose from. Whether you want to make your K Cup selection more appealing, you want to brew your own ground coffee without being limited to the selection offered by Keurig K cups or you want to brew delicious iced coffee or tea and keep it cool for hours. These modestly priced extra’s are all available through Keurig so you can trust their quality and attention to detail. These are the must have add on’s for your Keurig coffee maker.

Keurig K Cup Carousel

This chrome plated wire carousel is the perfect way to hold and display your favorite Keurig K Cups. Holding twenty-seven pods in a circular design, it has a lazy susan base so you rotate and browse easily. It is ten inches tall with a handle on the top so you can easily transfer it from table to counter in order to give guests a good view of the K Cups options available. The most popular K Cup holder sold by Keurig.

K Cup Carousel Tower

This is the big brother to the K Cup Carousel, holding 30 K Cups on a lazy susan base. Instead of holding the cups in a circular frame, it has two separate towers to hold the coffee pods. Making it easy to share with a fellow coffee drinker or to separate your decaf from your full caffeine coffee pods all in one K Cup holder. Coming in at thirteen inches tall it is slightly taller than the K Cup Carousel, but it also has a handle to make transportation effortless.

Keurig My K Cup Reusable K Cup

If you have a favorite ground coffee that is not available in the many assorted K Cups, no need to fret. Simply grab yourself a My K Cup reusable filter and you can add any type of coffee grinds you wish. The removable mesh filter ensures a quality brew without grinds finding their way into your cup, with multiple filters to allow multiple brewings without having to clean up. My K Cup is a great way to save on buying K Cups and the waste involved with throwing them out after each use.

K Cup Storage Dispenser

This storage dispenser comes in a two pack, holding 48 cups of your favorite blends. At only 3 inches wide and under 9 and a half inches tall these dispensers are sleek and showcase your K cups elegantly. Making your countertop look like a barista’s dream.

Keurig K Cup Counter top Storage Drawer

This K cup dispenser is one of the must have Keurig accessories for the coffee lover in your life. With a great design and holding 48 K cups it is a perfect fit for the Keurig owner. Dispensing your favorite K cups from the bottom of the dispenser, it is a great alternative to simply having the boxes sit on your countertop. Remove the clutter and class it up with this Keurig K Cup Countertop Storage Drawer. The more expensive K cup holder but certainly the most elegant.

Keurig Water Filter Kit

If poor quality water is affecting the taste of your coffee then this makes the list of must have Keurig accessories for you. The water filter starter kit contains two charcoal water filters that provides about 4 months of clean tasting water. Ensuring that each and every cup of coffee brewed tastes its very best.

Keurig Iced Beverage Tumbler

With the Iced Coffee K Cups being so popular, this is a great accessory for those who enjoy iced coffee. This beverage tumbler unlike the universal iced beverage tumbler is taller, therefore it fits into most Keurig models barring the Keurig Mini Plus. Fill this BPA free tumbler with ice and brew Iced coffee or Iced tea right into it, enjoying an ice cold drink that stays cool for hours.

Universal Iced Beverage Tumbler by Keurig

This is a great gift if you know that they have a Keurig machine but are not quite sure which one. The safe bet is going with the Universal Iced Beverage Tumbler to ensure it will fit in any of the Keurig models. The BPA free double walled sides ensure your drink stays cold for hours whether it is your favorite iced coffee or iced tea blend. The Iced Coffee Keurig K Cups will surely please the whole family on a hot summer day.


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